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18th, November 2022

Get 25% off your next Video Tuition or Knowledge Check!!

We are offering all our students the opportunity to receive a 25% discount on Video Tuition or Knowledge Checks!

How to Qualify

You will qualify for our promotional discount by doing any of the following:

  • Follow us on Facebook
  • Follow our Instagram Page
  • Rate & Review us on Facebook

You will receive a voucher code for completing each of the above! Yup, that is up to 3 discount opportunities!! These discounts can be used for either video lessons, Knowledge checks, or a combination there of! (1 code, 1 discount opportunity)

To qualify, you must be an existing SkyLearner subscriber & complete any of the above options before the 28th November 2022!

Recommendations & Referrals

Should you know of anyone interested in joining SkyLearner Aviation be sure to direct them to our Facebook or Instagram page, we are offering new subscribers 50% off their first month’s subscription! Alternatively, new subscribers can use the code:


T&Cs apply