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19th, December 2021

Applies to EASA License Holders who are normally resident in the UK

Some of you may have noticed an alert on Skywise issued by the UK CAA stating that the CAA will not recognise EASA licenses from 01st January 2022, and advising all license holders that they must hold a UK Part FCL license after this date.

We believe this to be a mistake in the dates, issued by the CAA with the actual date being 01st January 2023 as per their original guidance material. We have sought immediate clarification on this date from the CAA, however putting all the evidence together, we believe it is still the 01st January 2023.

If you are a current holder of an EASA Issued license and are affected, please do not delay in starting the simplified EASA to UK Conversion, to allow you to hold a UK Part FCL license.

The core steps to this process include:

  1. Having a valid foreign EASA license which is current
  2. Obtaining a UK issued Medical Certificate from a UK Medical Examiner (AME)
  3. Applying to the UK CAA online via the customer portal
  4. Payment of a Fee to the UK CAA and the EASA National Authority

More details can be found HERE on the UK CAA website

Common Questions

Do I need a UK Issued Part FCL License for GA aviation?

All UK residents flying recreationally within UK airspace require a UK issued license.

How long Should I allow for the conversion process?

Understandably, the UK CAA will have alot of applications from many pilots, this has resulted in a delay to many getting licenses issued. Please allow up to 2 months for the license to get converted successfully.

Can I hold UK & EASA licenses?

Yes, however, unless you can find dual approved Medical Examiners and Flight Examiners, you would require:

  • 2 Medicals
  • 2 Proficiency Checks
  • 2 Licenses

Do SkyLearner Offer EASA licenses & Training?

No. We have no plans to offer EASA training or examinations. To avoid any confusion, SkyLearner does not sell our products or services to EU countries.

More Questions?

If you have any further details please contact the CAA at fclweb@caa.co.uk or contact one of the SkyLearner Team.