Finding the Gap

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14th, November 2022

Lawrence has recently started flying the King Air B1900 For a local South African Airline, the initial conversion from General Aviation Instruction to an Airline Multi Crew environment can be rather challenging! Lawrence took this short video from the flight deck! We wish Lawrence all the best as he starts his airline career, but fear not, Lawrence is still with us, and we will from him again soon! Blue Skies Lawrence!

“As summer season approaches in South Africa, the thunderstorms are starting to make their presence known. On a recent flight from Durban to Bloemfontein, we had to do our fair share of weather deviation. Luckily, we found a gap between two cells”.

About the Author:

Lawrence Lagaay

SkyLearner TKI
Based: South Africa

Lawrence is a Commercial Airline Pilot based in Port Elizabeth South Africa, and TKI for SkyLearner Aviation, with experience in both GA and airline training environments, First Officer on the B1900.