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21st, November 2021

“I think I understand the knowledge and the theory, but I cannot answer the questions”

Student Pilot

Sound Familiar?

This is a regular feeling repeated to instructors by theory knowledge students. So if you are feeling this way, don’t worry, you are not alone in feeling it.

The theory knowledge required for a pilot license can be complicated, with many detailed learning objectives and difficult concepts, requiring a wide range of skills, many of which will be brand new to a new student. So once you grasp the concepts and spend the time, building those notes, learning the facts, you easily pass your exams right ?

We Know it Gets Frustrating


As anyone who has passed CAA examinations will tell you, it’s not that simple, but don’t be daunted.

Suggested Exam Technique

The techniques used by the CAA to try and assess knowledge in their exam, can often require you to flex your mental muscles, and at some points question your understanding of the English Language. So how do you translate your knowledge into passing the exams.

You need a good exam technique when answering the questions, and you need to start building that technique now, integrating it into your learning.

  1. Read the Question properly, do not skim read it or try to predict it
  2. If possible, answer the question BEFORE looking at the options, purely from what you know. It is not always possible due to the way questions are structured, but where possible, aim to answer them without reading those answer options.
  3. Look for the answer option you expect, and then ensure the remaining ones are incorrect. If you are not sure, then the answer is a possibility, and you need to see which option is most accurate, complete or indisputably correct.
  4. Before moving on, re-read the question and ensure you have answered the question asked, making sure you have answered in the correct units eg.

Whilst this process seems long, it can be carried out in a methodical and timely manner if practised and will likely catch alot of your errors attributed to question style and technique, rather than a lack of knowledge.

Getting Help

At SkyLearner we integrate end of module tests and cumulative module tests to try and help with your knowledge retention and get you through the exams with a strong understanding of the theoretical knowledge.

The questions we use are similar in style to those asked by the CAA and include pitfalls in many cases, helping you to build an awareness and resilience to the question trip up problem.

We then encourage you to use the solution bank to keep practising the question areas and keep refining your exam techniques and knowledge.

If you are still struggling, Ask for Help !

Get in touch with us by our FREE text based student subject support, or book a premium 1: 1 tuition slot with one of our instructors over Zoom. This puts the information at your fingertips, so just reach out and grab it!!!

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Joshua Van-Rietvelde

Head of Training