Light Aircraft Pilot License (Aeroplane)

Light Aircraft Pilot License Aeroplane Ground school / Theory


Theoretical Knowledge Course

Our Online LAPL Ground school / Theory course provides you with the theoretical knowledge you need to sit the exams for the UK Light Aircraft and Private Pilots Licence (Aeroplane).

The SkyLearner LAPL (A) Theory Course content is delivered online using our easy to use the system, with a range of interactions, videos, questions and solutions to help you keep the knowledge in your head, and make you a safer pilot.

LAPL Introduction by Ryan Mitton

Remember, help is always available for free via email or by booking a premium 1 to 1 zoom video session with an instructor

Who is this Course for ?

This course is designed for:

  • New student Pilots wanting to pass the UK LAPL (A) Theory Exams
  • Pilots already Training for LAPL (A), who want to use the SkyLearner interactive system and instructors to learn the theoretical subjects
  • Existing LAPL License holders who want to renew their theoretical knowledge

UK CAA Approved

Course Details



This course is approved by the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority and contains the following Subjects in accordance with the theoretical knowledge requirements for Private Pilots License (Aeroplanes) in compliance with UK Part FCL 215.

People wishing to get a LAPL license must undertake the same theory course as that for PPL. The Subjects and Examinations are outlined below.

  1. Airlaw
  2. Operational Procedures
  3. Human Performance & Limitations
  4. Aircraft General Knowledge (Aeroplanes)
  5. Flight Performance & Planning (Aeroplanes)
  6. Navigation
  7. Meteorology
  8. Principles of Flight
  9. Communications

More details of the subjects and examinations are outlined within the course material.

Course Structure

Course Structure


In order to successfully complete the course, students are required to:

  1. Complete each of the 9 Subjects Online including any Progress Tests
  2. Successfully complete a Knowledge check with an instructor (1 Hr per subject over Zoom or an in-person Brush-up course)

Upon completion of each subject, the student will then be authorised to sit the official UK examinations at their local Training School offering PPL E-Exams or at SkyLearner Offices in Belfast UK.


On average this course takes 3-12 months to complete. You can complete this course before or alongside your flight training.

Pre Requirements

Pre Requirements

SkyLearner Requirements
  1. An Active SkyLearner Subscription for the complete duration of the course

Required Equipment

Some of the subjects within this course require specific hardware and equipment. In order to complete the course you will require:

  • 1x UK CAA Allowed Navigation Computer
  • 1x Map of Southern England (Latest Edition)
  • 1x Clear Ruler
  • 1x Pack of Non-Perminant Fine Tip Marker Pens
  • 1 x UK CAA Allowed Scientific Calculator

This Equipment is all available from reputable online retailers or as a complete set from our suppliers, Transair UK.




The learning content of this course as with all courses on SkyLearner is included in our monthly subscription

This includes all the Content, Interactions, Key Facts, Progress Tests, Solution Bank and much more…

Additional Costs

In addition to any 1 to 1 instruction you may choose to take with us, this course requires some training and equipment not included in your monthly subscription. These include:

  • 9 x Hours of Mandatory 1:1 Video Instruction for Knowledge Check
  • 9 x UK CAA Exam Fees (Pricing depends on Venue)

YES !!!

The great news is that you can use the SkyLearner system and its awsome content to help prepare you for your exams. You would also have the choice of making us your official Training Organisation for your Ground Exams or staying with your current Ground School Provider, but just using the SkyLearner System to help you get to grips with the knowledge needed.

Where & When are the Knowledge Checks Completed ?

This is the Great Part, you can choose !!!

1 to 1 Anytime Online

We use a popular video chat software to give you a private 1 to 1 knowledge check before you sit any exams. These are booked through the SkyLearner System with slots available throughout the day, to help fit your schedule.

So all you need is a laptop a webcam and yourself !!!

We also offer knowledge checks on specific dates in person at our training rooms in Belfast UK.

Classroom Brushup

We also offer classroom based brushups which include a review and knowledge check for all subjects at our training rooms in Belfast UK.

If I get stuck, how do i get help ?

We always want to help you !!!

Basic Help

We offer a free help service, where you can submit any question and ask for help, getting a guaranteed response within 48 hrs, 7 Days a week, All year around.

Premium Video Chat

If you find that you really want to chat with us, you can purchase additional Premium Video Chat support in 1 Hour intervals. This means you get web based tuition with an approved Instructor.

Where do I sit my Official Exams ?

Your Local Approved Flight School (e-PPl Exams)

We work with other flight schools who can take bookings in your area. If you are already part of a flying club or school, you can normally work with them to have your exams facilitated there, and you will pay them directly for your exam booking.

Its all about convenience. If you want to make sure your school will allow you to sit the exams or you need to find a location near you, please contact us HERE and we will confirm prior to signup.

SkyLearner Training Rooms (Belfast, UK)

We also have an Exam centre here in Belfast UK if you are in the area or fancy a trip we can book you in, and while you are at it enjoy the great city of Belfast.

Im not very good at Maths & Physics, can i manage to pass the exams ?

YES !!!

We always here people saying they are worried about their level of core subjects and for many PPL Students your school days can be a long time ago. Not to worry, we have detailed walkthroughs of core concepts with are interactive, to help you understand the maths and physics of the concepts.

If you are really struggling, we are always here to help, on your schedule.

Affordable Subscription

The Process is everything …

Our 3 Step LAPL Theory Training

We want to make it as clear as possible, so you know what to expect from the beginning

Step 1

Learning the content

You complete the SkyLearner System Lessons, Modules & Topics for a subject

This is included in your subscription and is available per subject or for all the subjects

Step 2

Check you are Ready

Book Your Private Online Knowledge Check with our Instructors

This is excluded from your monthly subscription and is charged per subject

Step 3

Sit your Exams

Come to us or go to your local Flying School / Club to sit your official Exams with our recommendation

This is Excluded from your monthly subscription and the cost is determined by the local flying school/ club. This is typically around £30 per subject

Study from Home

Why Choose Us

Some of our benefits are included below, but if you want to check out the SkyLearner system in more detail you can click the button below

Engaging Content

We use a range of animations, videos from leading institutions, text, and fun learning interactions, hammer home the crucial points

Constant Reminders

We know one of the hardest things to do is to remember all those facts, that’s why we integrate a series of questions on the topics you have completed. These get asked from the beginning of the subject to the end, so you feel ready to sit those exams and have the question exposure you need.

Online Test Recommendation

We know you are busy, and travelling can be expensive. This is why we have come up with a program to allow us to provide your legally required recommendation for Test Online after a private session with one of our Instructors.

Easy to Follow & Use

We designed the system to be easy to use, no complex menu structures, just simple navigation. The content is made to be easy to understand and read

Get Help when you Need it

We have an easy to use option, to ask any questions you may have, alternatively we also offer video chat web tuition at additional cost

Local Exams

We can book you in at your local flying Club or school for your PPL exam, so you don’t need to come visit us, if we are out of the way.

Instructor Help When Needed

That all important Face to Face part…….

Tuition, Knowledge Checks & Brushups

This course offers tuition, knowledge checks and brush-ups online at the hourly rate in addition to your subscription. We also offer a classroom-based brush-up course. You can choose whether you want to do these checks over webcam 1 to 1 or at a classroom brush-up.

Online Knowledge Check / Tuition

Your private 1 to 1 Knowledge Check or Instruction can be completed online and is booked from within the SkyLearner System once you have an active subscription.

We offer time slots 7 Days a week, 12 Hrs a Day.

Classroom Brush-ups

The Classroom Brushup Course is an option for some of our students who prefer a classroom environment.

We offer these on specific dates at our training rooms in Belfast UK.

You MUST complete the SkyLearner Online Content and tests before completing an Online Knowledge Check or attending a brush-up

Lots of Interaction

Still Got Questions ?