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At SkyLearner we believe in working with flight schools to help support great aviation training. We are always keen to sign up training organisations, to use our system, and become part of the student journey.

How it works

Your students can enjoy our CAA approved interactive content, videos and questions, giving them more than just a questionbank.  Meanwhile, you earn money for every student you sign up, every month, helping build passive income to help your cashflow all year round.

  1. Sign up for a FREE SkyLearner business account
  2. Your students enrol on our system, where you can monitor progress and see detailed reporting.
  3. You get paid 25% of the students’ subscription price every month, paid directly to you.
  4. You can choose to have students complete a pre-exam knowledge check with us, or use our classroom lectures to run your own, before attempting exams at your venue.

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Why partner with us

Simplify Compliance

Track your student's progress and keep theory training records with a secure source.

Monthly Commission

Get paid 25% of every students' subscription every month, helping contribute to your regular cashflow.

Relevant Material

Up to date, interactive learning material means your students don't just learn a questionbank.

Promote Understanding

Interactive learning material, questionbank and access to SkyLearner instructors allows students to get help when they need it.

CAA Approved Training

SkyLearner for schools is a CAA Approved Training Organisation with main courses suitable for referencing in your Flight School's training manual.

Instructor Material

FREE and updated instructor presentation material, to help your instructors deliver on-site ground training with reduced admin.


What is the price?

Our training organisation  package has no charge to the training organisation, in fact you get paid 25% of the monthly subscription value, every single month. Students pay our standard monthly subscription price when they signup, which is currently £39 per month.

What are the benefits as a training organisation?

  • Earn recurrent revenue from students undertaking theory training.
  • Outsource part or all of your theory knowledge training.
  • Reduce your instructors’ classroom time, to focus on flying
  • Give your students a comprehensive learning platform, with an up-to-date interactive learning content and question bank.
  • Your students can reach out to our instructors or your instructors for help with complex topics.
  • Let students flag questions to your instructors for discussion.
  • Simplify theory knowledge CAA compliance
  • Access your own student communication and social platform for your subscribed students only

What are the benefits for my instructors?

Instructors benefit form:

  • Student progress reports
  • Subject Overview lectures for any classroom brushup you may wish to do
  • Student theory training records

What are the benefits for my ground examiners?

  • List your ATO on the SkyLearner exams venue list, allowing our students to directly sit exams at your training venue.
  • Simple, streamlined access to subject exam recommendations to help improve compliance.
  • System learning structure helps improve student pass rates.

How do we sign up?

Training organisations can sign up, by completing the form above. 

Once we receive your details, the sales team will set up your account and contact you with login details and a demo.

We will post you some posters for you to display to held advertise how your students can sign up, and this will contain a unique QR code and code that students can use to sign up and link to your school.

Can we get a trial or demo?


Contact the sales team below to arrange a demo over Microsoft Teams or in person.

Please contact:


Is there a minimum term of usage?


You can signup today and decide to switch any time should you not wish to continue.

Can students use additional learning resources such as books?

Our system includes learning detailed learning material, question banks, interactions and key facts, to help students understand the detailed material. 

However, we recognise that students may already own or wish to look at additional 3rd party material, and this can be used alongside the system to gain additional perspective.

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