Just £39* per Month

What is SkyLearner

SkyLearner is a fully CAA approved pilot training organisation, offering virtual pilot ground school & upskilling courses for both students & experienced pilots. Whether you want to pass your pilot groundschool, or expand your flying skills, we are here to help.

We believe in continuous learning, and offer all our courses in an affordable subscription, whilst making sure the instructor is just a video chat away when you need them.

Interact with content, 1 on 1 video chat with instructors, and practice questions, to help cement that knowledge.

We offer Interactive Online Learning Material, 1 to 1 Instructor Help, and a Practice Questionbank, all in an affordable monthly subscription.
Understand the content, don’t just pass exams…

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Just £39* per Month

Our Courses

All Included in 1 monthly subscription

Use your subscription to access any SkyLearner Course content, then pay as you go if you need an instructor !!!

Learning Made Easy

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Just £39* per Month

SkyLearner Features

Our Online Pilot Ground school and Virtual Theory Training System helps get you ready for the theory pilot exams whilst helping you understand the content through detailed interactions and in-course testing. Don’t worry, we are always here to help when you need it.

Interactive Content

Learn using interactive content, loaded with decision making, interactive assessments, videos & much more


Test Your Knowledge With Detailed Questions & Explanations. We Never Add A Question Without A Detailed Solution

Approved Training

You Can Trust Us, We Are A Fully Approved Training Organisation With The UK CAA.

No Need to Travel !!!

Work Through The Content Online, Take The Tests Online, Video Call Instructors Online, Get Approved Online, Do Your Exams Close To Home

Affordable Monthly Subscription

All Our Courses Work On A Monthly Subscription Followed By Instructor Knowledge Checks Paid Hourly

1 on 1 Video Tuition with Instructors

Our Online Training Is Conducted On A One On One Basis Using The Easy To Understand System, Followed Up With Video Knowledge Checks

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Just £39* per Month

Virtual Training

How SkyLearner works

Our Approved Training Programme and Online Pilot Ground School is designed to let you work at home without making you feel alone. We use a Virtual learning system meaning that whilst we allow you to study and learn, there is always an instructor available to help through email or our premium video tuition service.

Study in your own time using our great content, but always know we are here to help.

1. Subscribe

Pay your monthly subscription to enroll on the course or access the content for your existing course.

2. Video Chat

Once you have completed the virtual training, You pay for a video call with an instructor to do the Knowledge check required by the National authority.

3. Sit your Exam

Sit your Official exams at our offices or your local flying school / club.

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Just £39* per Month

Our Prices (UK)

Truly Flexible Theory Training Costs

SkyLearner Subscription



/ month

  • Includes
  • All our courses !!!
  • Detailed Interactive Content
  • Detailed Solution Bank
  • Instructor Text Help
  • Access to Talks and Seminars

Optional Extras

Private Online Video Tuition


40 per Hr

Get 1 on 1 help from a Ground Instructor at an easy hourly rate over Zoom video chat

Some Courses REQUIRE minimum Session Time

Private Online Video Check


40 per Hr

Complete the Mandatory Exam Approval for your Exams on each subject as you need to sit them.

Some Courses REQUIRE a Video Check for Exam Approval

Classroom based Brushup

If you want to meet in person we also offer classroom-based brushup courses at our Offices in Belfast, UK.

Exams can be taken at your local Approved Exam Location, contact us if you need to find out where your closest venue is.

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Just £39* per Month

Who is SkyLearner for?

Our Online Pilot Ground school and training courses can be completed by new and existing license holders. We offer courses that go beyond passing the exams, we believe in continued learning.

New Student Pilots

If you are looking to get started on a pilot Groundschool, check out our courses…

Learn More

Existing Student Pilots

People already on a groundschool but wanting better learning material and explained questions

Learn More

Existing License Holders

Refresh that knowledge, keep up to date with changes and benefit from a constantly expanding library

Learn More

Flying Schools

Move your Ground School to SkyLearner under your ATO or under ours. Track your students, store learner records and forget about outdated training material

Learn More

Just £39* per Month

Got a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located ?

We are based in the lovely city of Belfast in the United Kingdom. We offer most of our training globally and try to let you use facilities such as exam centres local to you, rather than travelling to us.

Is SkyLearner Approved ?

Yes !!!

SkyLearner is an Approved Training Organisation recognised by the UK CAA.

Our courses are also Approved Training programmes allowing other flight schools to use our service through a business agreement.

Do you offer a classroom based Ground school ?

We pride ourselves in our online training resources, and offer all our tuition online using the system and tuition using video chat software.

We do however understand that sometimes people want to sit in the training room, and we also offer brush courses in person. You can click HERE for more information

What Courses does SkyLearner Offer?

We are always expanding our list of courses, and aim to add at least 1 every month.

Click HERE to see our current courses

Will I Definately Pass my Exams?

No !!!

We provide you with the material and all the help at your fingertips, through web-based video tuition and the SkyLearner system, however, you must still put in the work in order to meet any exam requirements and test standards.

But we will work with you to build you up.

If I have already started training can I use the system ?

Yes, you can use the SkyLearner system and services as alongside any other training you may be enrolled on.

If you want us to recommend you for exams however you must complete the course as it is intended. We simplify this for students who are transferring from other training organisations.


Who are the instructors ?

Our Team of ground instructors are all kept up to date and undergo annual refresher training.

We use a mix of professionals within the aviation community who are suited to teaching the subject area.

For pilot courses and tuition we only use people who hold or have previously held a pilots license.

How Long do I Need a Subscription for?

There is no minimum or maximum amount of time for your subscription, you can cancel at any time.

While you have an active subscription you have access to all our course material, so you can keep learning great new skills.

What is included in the subscription?

A detailed list can be found on our subscription page HERE

Do you Offer Practical Flight Training?

SkyLearner focuses on the mandatory theory required for flying and the theory training required to pass the exams for pilot licenses only.

We can recommend some 3rd party flying schools, but these are separate organisations. Our students will normally subscribe to us for theory and ground school but use another provider for their flight training.

Still Got Questions ?

Just £39* per Month