GA Upskilling| UK GA Winter Operations Course

The SkyLearner UK GA Winter Operations (Cold Weather) course, is a UK CAA PROUD recognised course, designed for trainee and qualified pilots of all experience levels, engaged in general aviation and recreational flying. 

The aim is to become aware of requirements when flying during the colder UK winter months, when weather is often less favourable and specific environmental threats and hazards exist.

This course is recognised by the UK CAA under the PROUD scheme.

Course Syllabus

Duration: 6 Hrs (1 Day)

  • Aircraft & General Considerations
  • Survival Equipment
  • Weather Planning
  • Icing Avoidance Planning
  • Performance
  • Alternate Planning
  • Preflight Checks
  • Deicing
  • Engine Handling
  • Cruise Check Considerations
  • Icing Recognition
  • Remedial Planning

Who is this course aimed at ?

  • Newly qualified and experienced LAPL & PPL pilots wanting to expand their skill set and improve their understanding of UK winter operations.
  • Trainee LAPL & PPL pilots, who will be raining throughout the UK winter months in the colder weather.

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  • Workload Management

    Learn techniques and methodologies to promote good workload management and implement them during hypothetical scenarios.

  • Leadership & Teamwork

    Understand the role of Pilot in Command and how to be an effective leader and follower

  • Problem Solving & Decision Making

    Learn to implement decision-making models to promote diagnosis and option generation, in technical and non-technical situations.

  • Situational Awareness

    Work on strategies to observe, place and predict, the current flight path and operation.

  • Meaningful Briefings

    Review and implement the role of effective preflight, mid-flight and post flight briefings.

  • Communication

    Use communication models to create brief but effective communication to relevant parties.

  • Practical Regulation & SOPs

    Discuss legal and procedural requirements and refresh core theory knowledge to help plan, and respond more safely.

  • Flight Path Management

    Discuss hazardous flight technicques and review important generic recovery principles.

  • Automation

    Understand the role of automation, from preflight to landing, and understanding how its' role varies with workload.

UK CAA Recognised Training

SkyLearner Aviation is a UK approved training organisation (ATO) and this pilot upskilling course forms part of the UK Civil Aviation Authority PROUD scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no official requirement to conduct additional training for UK winter GA flying, however, significant hazards exist in this unfamiliar environment, and it is therefore extremely helpful to get additional training to help improve flight safety.

This course is recognised under the UK CAA PROUD Scheme as an upskilling or pilot skills development course.

Yes, we will issue out a certificate showing you have completed this course, which is recognised by the UK CAA, as part of SkyLeaner’s pilot upskilling programme.

Proud is a scheme run by the UK CAA which encourages pilots to continuously learn, improving knowledge, developing skills and enhancing attitudes towards GA flying.

SkyLearner has developed a specific training programme and PROUD framework, designed to meet these objectives in core areas. These courses focus on providing practical application of theoretical knowledge, and build on each other to level up existing pilots.

Aviation is a dynamic and safety focused industry, which has managed to achieve inccredible operational and safety standards, in the wake of a changing environment. This in no part is thanks to the professionalism of the people of those involved. 

It is important that pilots remain proficient with up to date regulation, modern techniques, and understanding, in order to be an effective commander and operate safely.

UK - Private Pilots License (PPL-A)

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