Corporate Values

We are committed to develop and maintain responsible business practices and procedures which enhance aviation training whilst having a positive impact on local communities and reducing our environmental impact.

Our Mission

“To provide affordable, interactive, and continuous learning to novice and experienced pilots, for the betterment of the aviation industry.”

Our Vision

To provide accessible flight training knowledge to all common-wealth countries, sustainably and cost-effectively.

Our Values

Diversity and Inclusion:

We celebrate and embrace talent from the various nationalities, cultures, and genders of our global reach.


We believe in work-life integration and empower our team and students to personalise their schedules.

Continuous learning:

Life is about the journey, not the destination. The same applies to learning.


Everyone has the right to aviation; our affordable prices reflect this.


Green is not just a colour – we adopt it as a way of life.


We treasure student feedback and are open about our business practices

Policies & Pledges

"SkyLearner promises ethical behaviour in all our endeavours. We act with integrity and safeguard the interests of the society in which we operate. This includes aligning with national efforts to combat climate change.

To make aviation accessible, we do not encourage a ‘profit at all costs’ mentality. Our affordable pricing reflects this. In addition, we offer a free basic service granting students the opportunity to ask an instructor a theoretical question with a 48hr response time.

Despite our global reach spanning across developed and emerging economies, we pledge to employ individuals to a global standard instead of capitalizing on regional standards.

We value our human resources and embrace the rights of individuals to earn a sustainable living for a dignified life. So, employees in emerging economies are remunerated to achieve the same standard of living as those in developed countries – such as the UK."

Ryan Claude Mitton -Managing Director


SkyLearner Aviation-Windmills

As a UK-based organisation, SkyLearner supports national targets to combat climate change. We, therefore, pledge to only work with environmentally conscious companies.

To empower more businesses to adopt environmentally friendly practices, we encourage our clients to incorporate an environmental policy or pledge and offer assistance to achieve this.

We are cognisant of the lack of awareness of sustainable practices in the aviation industry. Consequently, SkyLearner strives to generate awareness within our company, amongst our partners, and beyond our walls into the public. To educate our future pilots about their role in protecting the environment, our training targets flight efficiency. As a virtual learning platform & Service, SkyLearner does not generate copious amounts of emissions.

Regardless, we have employed an array of internal systems to minimize our footprint. These include remote working and learning, shared office premises (to avoid a vacant dedicated building when an office is not required), and striving to be paperless. We will also perform annual carbon footprint assessments to monitor our emissions and promise to publish our results for transparency.”

Ryan Claude Mitton- Managing Director

"SkyLearner is committed to safeguarding the environmental and social interests of the diverse societies in which we operate.

To achieve this, we aim to generate awareness and support for multiple initiatives, including plant awareness and conservation. While remote learning can be isolating, pulling together to improve our community is an opportunity to unite our learners for relationships to blossom.

We, therefore, prioritize our social responsibility and view it as an opportunity for holistic student development while benefiting society."

Ryan Clade Mitton- Managing Director

"We hire on skill and attributes only, to a large degree we embrace a “blank CV” approach.

Employees where possible are encouraged to work from home under flexible working hours, where there would be an objective & performance-based approach rather than the idea of a 9-5 job being the only way to enforce productivity.

For us, this means if you want to work remotely and spend more time with family, enjoying life, working non-standard hours no matter the time zone is encouraged – so long as objectives are met within a reasonable scale, and so long as customers are not let down of course."

Ryan Claude Mitton- Managing Director

UK - Private Pilots License (PPL-A)

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