PPL Ground School & Theory Course (Online & In-Person)

Our UK CAA approved PPL (Private pilot licence) theory course and ground school, provides you with the theoretical knowledge you need to sit the 9x CAA PPL exams.

Learn your PPL theory properly, rather than just learning questions, through our approved interactive content, question bank, practice tests and instructor support.

This course is available as:

✅ Self Study Theory Course
✅ Online Ground School
✅ In-Person Ground School

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Who is this course aimed at ?

  • New student pilots wanting to pass the UK Private Pilot (Aeroplanes) Theory Exams for a PPL
  • Pilots already training for PPL (A), who want to use the SkyLearner system to help study
  • Existing PPL Licence holders who want to renew their theoretical knowledge

How would you like to join?

(Online or In-Person)

£950 -

(Once off or spread over 3 months)

  • Join our structured ground school online or in person, and allow our instructors to brushup your knowledge of all 9 PPL subjects. You also get full access to all our interactive learning material, question bank and practice exams

    10 week evenings or Weekend options available
  • Learning material (All 9 x PPL subjects)
  • Solutionbank (Questionbank for all 9 x PPL subjects)
  • Practice exams (All 9 x PPL subjects)
  • Revision Key Facts (All 9 x PPL subjects)
  • Instructor help & support
    (live session, online live chat or email)
  • 9x Pre exam Brushup Knowledge Checks
  • 12 Months access to the SkyLearner system
  • Professional instructor led ground school sessions
    (Online or in-person option)
    (Mon-Wed 6pm-10pm for 10 weeks option)
    (Sat Only 8am-4pm for 10 weeks option)
  • 9x UK CAA PPL Exams

    (Available as addon)

  • Next Course Dates (Space Available):
    01 July 2024
    30th September 2024
  • Choose a Date

How the course works

General Description

The PPL online self study theory course is designed to allow you to study at home on your own time schedule, using the SkyLearner interactive learning material, question bank, practice exams, and instructor support.

At any point you get stuck, you can simply reach out to us using our live chat or send us an email.

Learning Path

  1. Complete the subject learning material, tests and practice exams online.
  2. Successfully complete a knowledge check with a SkyLearner instructor online (1 hr pre-exam brushup, over Microsoft Teams.
  3. Practice questions and exams in our solutionbank (Question Bank)
  4. Sit your official CAA exams subject by subject at one of our training venues, or at your local flight training school.
  5. Repeat until you complete all 9 PPL  exams.

Remember, we are available to answer any of your questions.


Available 24 hrs a day, you set the pace and duration to match your schedule.

General Description

The SkyLearner PPL ground school option is designed for those wanting to go through the core areas of each subject, like a traditional classroom.

Using our classroom studio, or Microsoft Teams (Depending on class sizes), you can come and join us in-person at one of our training venues or join the live session online.

You will also get 12 months access to the SkyLearner system, including interactive learning material, question bank, practice exams and so much more...

Learning Path

  1. Choose a course start date
  2. Start pre-reading your learning material
  3. Attend the PPL ground school (Online or In-Person) for all 9 Subjects as per the course timetable. This gives you the chance to learn the core concepts, ask any questions on the spot and join the dots...
  4. Practice questions in our solution bank (question bank) until you feel ready to sit the exams.
  5. Sit the CAA exam for each subject one at a time at one of our training venues, or at your local flying school. 

Along the way, you can always reach out and get the help you need to support you passing the exams, and understanding the subjects.

Available Venues

  • Online from your home
  • At our training venue in Carrickfergus, UK. 


We publish PPL ground school dates for the next 12 months, but spaces are limited to a maximum of 12 people to ensure learning is not maximum. 

To choose a course date, select the ground school option from the course options above.

PPL Syllabus and Subjects​

This course is approved by the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority and contains the following Subjects in accordance with the theoretical knowledge requirements for the Private Pilot’s Licence (Aeroplanes) in compliance with UK Part FCL 215.


The study of weather and the aviation operating environment.

Aircraft General Knowledge ​

Investigate basic aircraft construction, electrics and instrumentation.

Human Performance & Limitations ​

Learn the basics of human behaviour, and decision making through effective threat and error management.

Principles of Flight ​

Learn how aeroplanes fly, alongside basic aerodynamics, flight mechanics and forces.

Operational Procedures ​

Learn about the practical application of rules and regulations designed to promote safe flight

Airlaw ​

Discover the complex set of international and domestic rules and regulations which govern the aviation industry

Communications ​ ​

Learn the language of speak to ATC, and get to know the standard phrases and procedures of airspace.

Flight Planning & Performance ​

Get involved with the aircraft graphs and charts to understand how to plan flights and know the limitations of aircraft performance.


Work with maps and charts to understand our Earth and how we navigate from place to place.

Required Equipment​

Some of the subjects within this course require specific hardware and equipment. In order to complete the course you will require:

  • 1x Navigation Computer (CRP-1, CRP-5, E6-B)
  • 1x Map of Southern England 1:500,000 (Latest Edition)
  • 1x Clear Ruler
  • 1 x UK CAA Allowed
  • Scientific Calculator (Non-Programmable)

This equipment is available from us directly or from 3rd party suppliers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!, We call our questionbank the “Solutionbank” because we always work hard to provide explanations to our every expanding set of questions. We regularly update the questions and are always available to answer any followup questions.

This one really depends on you, whether you choose our distance learning course, virtual groundschool or In person groundschool, we will always aim to support your goals, however typical time frames are:

  • Distance Learning Course: 6 Months part time
  • Virtual (MS Teams) Online Groundschool: 1 Month preread +10 weeks of irtual evening classes
  • In Person groundschool: 


We recommend you sit the subjects in the following order, as this helps build up theory concepts, and makes the learning path more logical. The order we recommend is as listed above.

A Private Pilot License (Aeroplane), is a license designed to allow you to take your friends and family flying. Although the PPL license is designed for hobby flying, it is often used as a stepping stone towards a commercial pilot license.

In order to gain a PPL you need to:

  • Complete a minimum of 45 hours total flying time
  • Successfully pass the 9 x PPL theory examinations
  • Pass a practical skills test with a flight examiner
*Additional sub requirements apply, please visit the UK CAA website for more information. Click HERE to learn more.

There are 9 PPL exams, one in each of the 9 subjects. The LAPL uses the same exams as PPL.

  • All questions are Multiple choice or dropdown answers
  • You must pass each exam within 4 attempts, otherwise all exams need reattempted.
  • You have a maximum of 18 months from the date of your first exam attempt to pass all 9 exams. Once you pass all 9 exams, you have 24 months to successfully pass the LAPL practical skills test.
  • Each exam has a pass mark of 75%

Exam details

  1. Meteorology | 16 Questions | 0:50 mins
  2. Human Performance & Limitations | 12 Questions | 0:25 mins
  3. Principles of Flight | 12 Questions | 0:35 mins
  4. Aircraft General Knowledge | 16 Questions | 0:35 mins
  5. Airlaw | 16 Questions | 0:35 mins
  6. Operational Procedures | 12 Questions | 0:30 mins
  7. Navigation | 12 Questions | 0:45 mins
  8. Flight Planning & Performance | 12 Questions | 0:45 mins
  9. Communications | 12 Questions | 0:20 mins
UK CAA Approved Training

SkyLearner Aviation is an approved training organisation (ATO), recognised by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

UK - Private Pilots License (PPL-A)

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