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SkyLearner is an Approved Training Organisation based in the United Kingdom, offering Virtual and Classroom-based Theoretical Knowledge Aviation Training.

We focus on providing high-quality virtual training using our highly interactive SkyLearner Online Training System and web-based video tuition.

All our content and courses are continuously updated and developed with ease of learning and knowledge retention in mind.

Student Pilots & Training Organisations

We train student pilots directly and offer a number of solutions to help other ATOs and DTOs get the great benefit of SkyLearner using our Online Training System.

Whether you are a business customer or a direct student, we offer a range of all-important, easy-to-understand features, fully integrated into our Platform which make your learning more efficient and effective.

Our SkyLearner community is constantly growing, and we look forward to having you journey through blue skies with us.

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Are you a New or Existing Pilot ?

You can check out our library of courses, remember we are always adding more courses and content and it is all included in an affordable monthly subscription !!!

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SkyLearner Aviation-About

Are you an existing ATO / DTO ?

We love working with Training Organisations to get their students onto SkyLearner. We offer 2 main options, and the best part is they are both Absolutely FREE* !!!

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