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Are you an ATO or DTO ?

Get your students to use the SkyLearner system and get the latest up-to-date interactive content focused on helping your students through their examinations.

The SkyLearner system is offered as an ATO Provider Option (Outsourced Completely to us) or as a System Only (Our System, Your Approval, Your Instructors).

Why partner with us?
  • Free up flight instructors for flight training rather than ground instruction
  • Give students dedicated ground instruction staff with 24/ 7 booking slots
  • Simplify your training oversight
  • No hassle with keeping content current
  • Full reporting on your students
  • Students subscribe, paying us directly
  • Option to include own courses (Charges Apply)
  • Modern and engaging Theory Content
  • Students can access the Full SkyLearner Course Library
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SkyLearner Aviation- Global

Approved Training Programmes

Are you looking for an Approved Training Programme for your theory?

You have come to the right place.

We are not just an Approved Training Organisation, All SkyLearner Courses are registered as Approved Training Programmes where relevant with the National Aviation Authority.

This means you can use our platform to show acceptable means of compliance with regard to your theoretical knowledge requirements for your DTO / ATO when setting up your flying organisation.

Approved Training Programme List

CountryAuthorityApproved Training Programmes List
United KingdomUK CAASkyLearner Training Programmes for ATOs & DTOs
Listed Under Approved Training Programmes
1. Theoretical Knowledge for LAPL(A) United Kingdom
2. Theoretical Knowledge for PPL(A) United Kingdom 


We know that sometimes you want to modify content to be more relevant to your particular operation. We offer customisation options on many of our courses as a premium option.

  • CoBranding Option
  • Add notes specifically for your students
  • Add new courses such as induction

Contact Us for full details.

SkyLearner Aviation-Screenshot
SkyLearner Aviation- Screenshot
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SkyLearner Aviation- Airspeed Conversion
Memorry Aids
SkyLearner Aviation- communications sample
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