What is SkyLearner ?

What is SkyLearner ?

Built for Learning

Professional Content

SkyLearner content is written by aviation professionals with experience working and teaching in aviation in a number of different countries

  • Easy to Understand
  • Broken Down to basic levels
  • Designed for online use

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Interactive Learning

At SkyLearner we try to keep you engaged while you learn using custom created interactions

  • Key Fact Builder
  • Drag & Drop
  • Walkthroughs requiring answers
  • Video and Animations
  • Audio Clips

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Continuous Checking

There’s alot to remember, so we provide you with interactive onscreen multi-choice assessments.

End of Module Tests

These are multiple choice at the end of every module in a subject

Cumulitive Module Progress Tests

Asks you random qustions from the previous modules you have completed

End of Subject Tests

Provides an end of Subject test from all areas in the subject

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Structured & Easy

The SkyLearner system is easy to use, displaying your progress and guiding you from beginning to end.

  • Structured Syllabus
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Distraction Free

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SkyLearner Virtual Training

We combine our robust SkyLearner Training System with online video call software to link you to our instructors where necessary, on your schedule.

Our Tuition is 1 on 1 unless otherwise stated, so you can focus on your weak areas.

  • No need to physically travel
  • Book Instructor Tuition Online
  • 24/ 7 Instructor Slots Available
  • One on One Training unless otherwise stated.
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SkyLearner SolutionBank

At SkyLearner we don’t believe in learning questions, we believe in providing solutions.

Our Solutionbank provides a constantly updated list of questions allowing you to test your knowledge thoroughly and understand where you went wrong.

  • Questions Only unlock for completed modules
  • All questions have solutions
  • Ask Questions by Subject, or Topic Area
  • Ask only Unattempted Questions
  • Retry Questions you get wrong
  • Over 2000 Questions

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Detailed Student Records

We keep a detailed SkyLearner student records and certificates for you on file so they are available to download and print when you need them.

  • Certificates Stored
  • Instructor Comments
  • Progress and Test Results
  • Compliance Monitoring
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Constant Updates

Not only is our SkyLearner system always receiving tweaks and adjustments, but our syllabus and content update regularly, but we make sure you are aware of any changes.

  • Continuous System updates
  • Content is updated regularly
  • Notifications of changes to the content you have already viewed to help you keep up to date.

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Abbreviations & Glossary

There are so many abbreviations and terms we easily forget in aviation. SkyLearner lets you hover over any abbreviations and see the meaning alongside its detailed glossary.

  • Reveal any Abbreviations without leaving the content
  • Look up any abbreviation
  • See key terms in the Glssary
SkyLearner Aviation-Glossary
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SkyLearner Instruction Team

All SkyLearner Instructors have experience in the areas they teach and are armed with tools to help translate teaching across the internet.

  • Professional & Friendly Instructors
  • Use of Drawing Tablets for digital Whiteboard
  • Use of Overhead Camera for Maps and Charts
  • All HD Cameras

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Approved Training Organisation

SkyLearner is a CAA Approved Training Organisation in the United Kingdom (other countries soon to follow). Our training and system is audited in accordance with Civil Aviation Regulations

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A Growing Course Library

We are continuously working in the background to prepare new courses to offer on the SkyLearner System. All our courses are included in the monthly subscription cost.

  • All courses are available without an upgrade
  • Only Pay Extra if you need extra tuition or need an instructor check.
  • Courses are being constantly developed and added

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Cross Platform

The SkyLearner System is Cross-platform, all you need is a web browser. We are also working on apps for easier access in the future.

  • Any Browser enabled Device
  • Not Tied to Operating System
  • Works on Edge, Chrome, Firefox browsers etc. (Apple Users MUST install one of these as safari is not currently supported
SkyLearner Aviation-Devices
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