Who can use us

Who can use SkyLearner

The SkyLearner Service and System is designed to help you get great, interactive aviation theory training while offering full flexibility and mobility to work from home and access global courses.

We often get asked, can anyone use the system, so we thought we would highlight some of our core customer bases.

SkyLearner Aviation- Student pilots

New Student Pilots

When you start learning to fly, we know that the theory can seem quite complicated and the exams daunting. Get yourself off to a great start by using SkyLearner to teach you the theory you need to help pass the exams.

Simply sign up and start going through the course you want. Each course outlines what the requirements are and whether any additional fees such as tuition or knowledge checks are required. We are here to help, get great interactive content, lots of great questions, and access to our instructors all from the comfort of your home, then sit your exams at your local flying club/school.

SkyLearner Aviation- Existing Pilots

Existing Student Pilots

You may have already started and even passed some of your exams, but you are struggling with some concepts or do not feel confident enough to pass the rest of your exams.

It’s very common !!!

Many students do not feel confident or ready to sit the exams, and it can be hard to find the help you need. Don’t worry we are here. You can start any subject within a course after you sign up. We can credit your previous theory training where possible, but don’t worry you will not have to resit any aviation authority exams, only those you have not yet passed.

Sign up go through the learning material, try the questions, and get any tuition you may want or need from our instructors either by email or by premium 1 on 1 video chat tuition.

SkyLearner- Existing License Holders

Existing License Holders

You may already have a pilot’s license, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop learning or improving that aviation theory.

Things Constantly Change

It may be that you want to freshen up your skills on a license you already hold, perhaps you have a proficiency check coming up, or maybe you simply want to learn a new skill through one of our courses.

Sign up go through the learning material for a course, or chat with our instructors either by email or by premium 1 on 1 video chat tuition, if there’s something you want help with.