Instructor Video Tuition

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Online Instructor Video Tuition

At SkyLearner, we offer all our students the option to get FREE email-based instructor help or use our Premium Online Instructor Video Tutoring at an affordable price and without leaving your home. A majority of our training is conducted on a 1 to 1 basis, letting you get the best value out of your training.

Why Choose our Tutoring

We believe in letting you get on with the SkyLearner course content or your ATOs content, but we understand that sometimes you just need it explained differently to get a difficult concept, and traditional brushup courses are typically too condensed.

Our flexible booking system allows you to choose intervals of 30 minutes up to 2 hrs every day. This gives you the freedom to book any tuition you may want or need in a way to suit your budget while fitting into your schedule.

Your Time

Book online lessons based on your time schedule with flexible slots from 30 mins to 2 hrs, available 12 hrs a day 7 days a week

Your Budget

All our tuition is charged at an hourly rate, allowing you maximum flexibility to fit your budget. Choose from 30 mins to 2 hrs per day !!!

Your Home

We offer most of our tuition online using video chat software, interactive whiteboard and specialised cameras for maps and charts when needed.

Your Instructor

Our Instructors are all current or previous pilots, and undergo annual training to allow them to remain up to date with the current training requirements.

What do we offer tuition on ?

We offer tuition on all OUR COURSES, in addition to this we offer video tuition for:

  • UK LAPL / PPL Theoretical Knowledge Training
  • UK ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Training
  • UK CPL Theoretical Knowledge Training
  • Pilot first Interview Preparation

Instructor Video Tuition

Remember that if you are currently studying a course, you can get free email help from within the subject topic by clicking on the “Ask a Question” button.

You Must have an active subscription and be logged in to book any SkyLearner Services including Video or Classroom Tuition.

What can I do in Video Sessions ?

We use Zoom(TM) to connect you with our team of Ground Instructors, and all sessions are done 1 on 1, so you can ask any question you like. We use a combination of onscreen whiteboard software and specialist cameras, to allow us to go from chatting about airlaw, to diving into the deep dark depths of charts.

Online Tuition

Stuck on a Topic ?

Get help online from anywhere in the world, for any courses we currently offer.

Student Pilot Guidance & Advice

Something you aren’t quite sure of ?

Aviation can be an alien world, with lots of hoops & procedures. Our instructors are happy to provide advice and help you answer any unanswered question that you may have about your flight training.

Pre-Exam Brush Up

Not Sure if you are Ready ?

We ask you 1 on 1 to explain core concepts of the subject to see if you are ready to sit your exams

SkyLearner Aviation- Brushup & Ground School

Classroom Ground School & Brush-ups

At SkyLearner we focus on offering you Tuition and Knowledge Checks online. However, we understand that sometimes people prefer the classroom.

This is why we also offer Ground School & Brush-up courses on scheduled dates at different venues depending on the course or subjects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Languages do you Offer ?

Like our courses, we only offer our online video sessions in English.

Where is my Instructor Based ?

Your instructor will be based in one of the countries we offer courses for, such as the UK. Don’t be surprised however if you see a sunny beach in the background, as we allow our instructors to log in for anywhere, providing the connection and environment meets the minimum standards.

I do not have any active courses, Can I book a session ?

Yes !!!

Provided you have a skylearner account, you can book a session.

What do I need to do the online video sessions

In order to get the most out of your Video Session, you should have:

  • A stable internet connection  of at least 5 mbps
  • A desktop, Laptop or Tablet device ( Mobile Phones are not recommended due to screen size)
  • A pen and paper to take some notes

I have several topics I want to cover, is this ok ?

Yes !!!

You will be asked to choose a topic in the booking system, however you can discus additional topics and subjects with the instructor once online.

Some of our instructors specialise in a specific subject so sometimes you may find that you need a 2nd session with an instructor in your other subjects.

What if my time slot is too short or too long ?

We book all our slots by default as:

  • Online Subject Tuition: 30 Minutes
  • Online Pre Exam Knowledge Check : 1 Hour
  • Online Student Guidance & Support: 30 minutes

In some cases, you will see options to add on additional time to a slot to allow a longer duration. We do not recommend exceeding 2 hours.

If your time slot is longer than you need, unfortunately you forfeit the remainder of your time, and so it is best to wait until you have enough questions to fill the time slot.

If you run over your time slot, you may be billed the additional adhoc amount.

I really Liked my instructor, can I choose to book them again ?

Thats Fantastic

All our Instructors are here to help, but we understand sometimes people just click. No problem at all. If you want a particular instructor, you can ask them to book your next lesson with them while on the call. They will book and process payment while on the video call. If you have already finished the videocall, please see your online Training File for the instructor contact details, or contact us to arrange the booking.

How do I lodge a Complaint ?

Oh No !!!

We are sorry to hear this, but we welcome all feedback, good and bad. You will have an opportunity after your session to leave feedback, or alternatively complete E-FORM SKL5