Customer Countries

Customer Countries & Regions


SkyLearner Aims to provide our service to as many countries as possible and your subscription price is based on your country of residence which MUST match the country where your payment card is registered.

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Change my Subscription Currency

We offer subscriptions in GBP Only. All International Users will be defaulted to GBP

Your Subscription Currency will be auto selected at the time of checkout based on the country your card is issued.

Users from Outside our Aviation Regulator Approvals

Our content is tailored to specific regions to ensure compliance with local aviation regulations. These regulations require specific approval for each country. SkyLearner will continually expand its regulatory approvals, however we still allow our global customers to access content for all our approved countries. We advise you contact us for more information if you are outside of the approved regions.

SkyLearner is currently Approved by:

  • UK Civil Aviation Authority

Countries & Regions unable to Purchase

To comply as much as possible with local tax regulations, at this time, SkyLearner does not offer our services to customers residing in the following regions.

  • Any country based in the European Union with the exemption of the Republic of Ireland
  • Any Country that does not allow export of digital services from the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland

We aim to remove as many regions as possible.